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Air Purification

Humidifiers can be installed in your whole house, furnace, or home to improve the air quality and maintain optimal comfort. Humidifiers for Abbotsford, WI, and the Surrounding Area are becoming more popular due to improvements in technology. Whole house humidifiers are the most popular type of humidifier, as they humidify the entire home. Furnace humidifiers are installed in your furnace and work with your heating system to improve humidity levels. Home humidifiers are small and portable and can be placed in any room in your home.

Whole House Humidifier

Whole House humidifiers work on whole-house ventilation systems. They humidify your entire home by introducing moisture into an air stream which is then circulated throughout the whole house. A whole-home humidifier has a reservoir that holds water up to 50 gallons but they have an aquastat on them so they only operate when necessary. A whole-house humidifier works best if you have forced air heating in your home because it will use warm air to help distribute the humidity.

Furnace Humidifier

A furnace humidifier attaches to your home’s forced-air heating system and humidifies the air as it passes through the furnace before it is delivered to the rooms in your house. Furnace humidifiers are available in two types: bypass and power-humidifier. Bypass humidifiers work by sucking air from the room into the humidifier and then blowing it back into the room. They are less expensive but they also don’t work as well because they can only humidify the air around them. Power-humidifiers blow heated air across a wet coil which absorbs moisture from the air and then blows the moistened air into your home.

Air Purification
Home Humidifier

A home humidifier is a small, standalone device that sits on a table or nightstand in your bedroom and humidifies the air in the room. A home humidifier typically has a reservoir that holds water up to 1 gallon. Home humidifiers work by evaporating water which releases moisture into the air. Some home humidifiers have a built-in fan that blows the moistened air into the room while others require you to use a fan to circulate the air.

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No matter what type of humidifier you choose, it is important to keep it clean and maintained so it works effectively and efficiently. Routine maintenance includes replacing the filter and cleaning the unit. You should also check the water level in the reservoir on a regular basis and add water as needed.

If you are considering a whole-home, furnace, or home humidifier for Abbotsford, WI, and the Surrounding Area, be sure to contact the professionals at Red Barn Service. We can help you choose the right humidifier for your needs and install it properly so you can enjoy optimal comfort and improved air quality.

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