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Home Automation

"Alexa, Turn on the lights." By now I am sure you have heard someone give a command to their home automation system, whether it be an Alexa, Google Nest, or another source of home automation you more than likely understand how it works. Nearly every piece of technology can be blue-toothed to another allowing them to connect and share data. Well did you know that you can actually control your homes comfort settings the same way?? You can! Having this feature is so nice you can set and adjust the settings to rise when you wake up in the morning so you are cosy when you rise. You can also drop the temperature when you're ready for bed for a deeper sleep. 


How Does It work?

Call us at here at Red Barn Service and we will install a new automated thermostat. Also, When we install a new system in your home you can select from our automated options, these will allow you even on a basic level to personalize your temperature settings all throughout the day. Often you will see that they have 4 settings or more. Wake. Leave. Return. Sleep. These allow you to optimize your energy usage even when you aren't home. 

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